About Masterson

A little piece of horse heaven, open to all.

On any given day at Masterson Station Park you may find a group of polo ponies being conditioned in the fields, or a cluster of Pony Club members having a clinic. You might see a western rider out schooling a young horse, or a horse and buggy trotting down the lane.

As you pull into the equestrian area of the park, you will find horses standing tied to trailers, contently munching hay under the shade trees surrounding a large parking lot. Riders are busy tacking up, some in English gear and others in Western. They have come to school, or to enjoy a relaxing ride around the park with friends.

Just past the parking area, a trainer speaks words of encouragement to her students from the middle of a well-maintained hunter ring spattered with schooling jumps. All around are rolling hills and open fields spotted with cross-country jumps, where groups of eventers prepare themselves and their mounts for the next level of competition.

And just down the lane, past the indoor arena, atop a lovely hill, the dressage riders practice making perfect circles and balanced transitions. In warmer weather, the city of Lexington offers affordable riding lessons to horse-crazy kids and adults, introducing hundreds of people to the wonderful world of horses.

This is our beloved Masterson Station Park. We invite you to explore the park and join us as we work to protect it for the enjoyment of all.

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