Corporate Sponsorship Agreement

1.) The Sponsor agrees to provide MET with an annual fee of $ 2,500.00 for recognition as a MET Premier Corporate Sponsor.

2.) In exchange for this sponsorship, MET agrees to provide Sponsor with the following benefits

  • Recognition on the Website, Facebook page and Annual newsletter as a Premier sponsor with logo and website
  • Custom ad campaign on Facebook (to be provided by the sponsor)
  • Opportunity to contribute monthly educational blogs on the new MET website.
  • Banner at all events (Booth space if applicable)
  • Logo on promotional material throughout the year
  • Announcements during the events thanking the company for being a Premier sponsor

Premier sponsorship:
Recognition on a permanent sign at MSP. Sign located on the MET storage shed in main parking area.
This would require a 3 year commitment.

3.) Sponsor agrees that the following item(s) will be delivered to MET at the Sponsors earliest convenience so that MET can promote the Sponsorship.

  • High resolution logo for use in print and electronic media
  • Banner for display at MET events throughout the year.
  • MET is willing to store the Sponsors banner in between events or the Sponsor can provide the banner on an as needed basis.
  • Custom Promotional Campaign for MET Facebook page.
    Posts can be sent separately or the entire promo can be sent at one time.
    MET Communications Chairperson is available to discuss this project on an as needed basis.
  • Monthly educational blogs for the MET website.
    We suggest a monthly submission, however if the Sponsors so desires, all 12 blogs can be submitted at once for posting over the year.

This agreement represents the only relationship between Company and Sponsor. No other relationship between the two entities exists, implied or otherwise.