MET Supporters

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Contact Christine Siegel, [email protected] 

Corporate Sponsors

Kentucky Performance Products
McCauley’s an Alltech Company
PM Advertising

Supporting Sponsors

Rood + Riddle Equine Hospital
OCD Pellets
Feldman Lumber Company
The Arion Group
Timber Town Stables
Biederman Real Estate

Special Class Sponsors

Division Sponsors

  • Wise Choice Tack
  • Whitlock Family
  • Liftoff Equestrian
  • Woodford Hounds
  • PM Advertising
  • Horse Cents

MET Benefit H/J Show class sponsors

  • Maplecrest Farm
  • Harrington Mill Farm (Mary Fike)
  • Spring Bay Horse Trials
  • Jayson & Jenny Van Weiren Page
  • Idlebrook Farm
  • Nick Johnson Farrier Service
  • Heaven Tree Farm
  • Karen Winn
  • Bluegrass Pony Club
  • Animal Hospital of Nicholasville
  • Robynhill Farm
  • Kelly Quick – Quick Services
  • Margee Koffler

MET Hunter Pace Title Sponsor

Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital

Hunter Pace Supporting Sponsors

Hunter Pace Fence Sponsors

  • Noble Spirit Stables
  • Mary Fike & Spring Bay Horse Trials
  • Jason Chadwell
  • Woodford Hounds
  • Feldman Lumber
  • LMN Equine
  • Bill & Leah Snowden
  • Animal Medical Center
  • Maryster Farm
  • Emerald Valley Stable, Dayton, Ohio
  • OCD Pellets
  • The Grey Goose Restaurant and Blue Heron Steakhouse
  • Elmwood Farm
  • Warfield Farm
  • In Honor of Keeneland Pony Club (Susan Abner)
  • Blandford Stud
  • Maplecrest Farm
  • McCauley Brothers Feed
  • Highbrook Farm
  • Thoroughbred Lifestyle

Work day volunteer appreciation gift sponsors

  • Alltech National Horse Show
  • Equestrian Events, Inc
  • Equine Land Conservation Resource
  • KBC International
  • Kentucky Performance Products, LLC
  • Kinetic Technologies
  • Joyce Brinsfield
  • Lexington Fayette County Urban Government
  • McCauley Bros. Inc.
  • Reese- Koffler-Stanfield

Stadium Jump Sponsors

  • Ann Banks
  • Bluegrass Polo
  • Hahn Equine Insurance, Nina Hahn
  • Kentucky Performance Products, LLC
  • KHJA
  • Knockgriffin Farm
  • Windridge Farm
  • Woodford Hounds


  • Keeneland Pony Club
  • McGehee, Dede
  • Newton, Nancy
  • Riddle, Dr. Tom and Margaret
  • Sayre School
  • USPC MidSouth Region
  • Winegardner, Jane In Honor of Rita Mae Brown and 
 Ann Winegardner
  • Wiggs, Stanley


  • Blackey, Chet
  • Blandford Stud
  • Boone, Caroline H
  • Byrd Cain
  • Dodd III, Allen
  • Long, Debbie
  • Massa, Laurie
    In honor of Sparky
  • Mulhollem, Claire
  • O’Neil, Jr., Bill
  • Rood and Riddle
  • Sekhon, Miriam Amick In memory of Saber Singh and Mr. Bones
  • Stowe, Keith and Jill
  • Zeitlin, Hank and Marian


  • Aguilar, Diane 
In memory of Diane Hatton 
and Elektron
  • Alexander, Brooke
  • Bonnie, Cornelia
  • Bowels, Carmen Rader
  • Brock, Carolyn
  • Brown, Christine
  • Collier, Elizabeth
  • Conyers, Edith In honor of Pat Lloyd
  • Corey, Tracey In honor of Helmut Graetz
  • deBarbadillo, Marianne
  • DeBolt, Kandace
  • Duignan, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel
  • Emberton, Claire In honor of Virinka
  • Fishback Jr.,Wm.
  • Garkovich, Lori In memory of Martha Jane McCulley
  • Garrett, Mary Lynn In memory James Cuda
  • Gibala, Rocco and Elaine
  • Green, Curtis and Linda
  • Griffiths, Nancy
  • Grulke, Ginny
  • Hahn, Nina
  • Jackson, Steve and Debbie In memory of Matilda
  • Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry
  • Kimmel, Margaret and Tom In honor of Sally and Stanley
  • McClain, Cheryl
  • McLeod, Carol In memory of Geppetto
  • Miller, Judy
  • Mink, John and Jo In honor of Saber, beloved horse 
of Miriam
  • Moore, Carolyn
  • Penn, Eloise Griffith In honor of of all Equestrians
  • Plympton, Janet and David
  • Quinn, Dermot and Emma
  • Rodgerson, Gen
  • Ross, LeAnn In memory of Haskell
  • Schwartz, Paul
  • Scott, Tracy In memory of Scout
  • Simpson, Matt
  • Shook, Ernie
  • Spencer, Wendy
  • Spokes and Spurs
  • Sproat, Helen
  • Sweezey, Cathy
  • Thomas, Pat
  • Thompson, Morley
  • Turchina, Valerie and Lieschen
  • Venable, Ruth
  • Vogt, Rudy and Kellie
  • Watts, Ashley
  • Wiedemann, Holly In honor of Megan Moore
  • Wiggs, Stanley In memory of Christine Brown


  • Andres, Sarah
  • Brown, Jo In honor of Dorthy Curlin
  • Burns, Jane and Claire
  • Cook, Mindy
  • Crossen/Callahan
  • Goodman, Jack and Virginia
  • Graetz, Helmut In Memory of Andy Graetz
  • Hill, Carrie
  • Kleintop, Sarah
  • Kluemper, Tom and Kathy In Memory of Ali Kluemper
  • Kopp, Mary
  • Leesa Moorman In memory of Skipper
  • Leonard, David and Sharon
  • Mueller, Janice
  • Pascuzzi, Mark
  • Peyton, Nina
  • Preston, Virginia
  • Renfroe, Christyn
  • lovis, Nathan and Stacy
  • Wahlgren, Marian
  • Walden, Ben and Elaine
  • Winn, Karen In memory of Vernon Winn
  • Woerth, Sheila

Local Professionals Support MET by Becoming Associate Members

Instructors and coaches are not charged when they use the Masterson Station Park facilities for their lessons, but LFUCG does ask that such professionals make a $100 annual donations, to Masterson Equestrian Trust Foundation (MET). MET greatly appreciates these donations, which are used to support the upkeep and improvement of the Park’s equine facilities.

A list of contributors is posted at the hunter ring. If you are a professional who uses the park, please consider making this donation and becoming an MSP Associate member. It also entitles you to the use of the indoor ring on Tuesday nights during the winter months.

For more information, please contact Masterson Equestrian Trust Foundation at [email protected].



  • Jorge Montalvo, Dreamfield Farm
  • Mary Fike, Harrington Mill Farm
  • Wayne Quarles
  • Megan Moore, Team CEO Eventing
  • Mongon Farms Associate
  • Cathy Wieschhoff, CW Event Team