About MET


There is an ongoing need to preserve and protect Masterson Station Park as an equine facility.

The Masterson Equestrian Trust (MET) Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. MET has been established to ensure that Masterson Station Park will continue as a facility for horse-related activities and events serving the entire community. The MET board of directors convened their first meeting on November 3, 2004. Over the years MET has advocated for, improved and helped to protect this amazing equine facility.

All who enjoy the unique opportunity to participate in equestrian activities at Masterson Station Park appreciate the importance of its continued availability and preservation. An open municipal park is rare, and like all valuable assets must be protected for the use of present and future generations. Ongoing development around the park will continue to put pressure on government and others to “carve out” areas for restricted activities that erode the Park’s open spaces. The time is now to ensure that measures continue to be taken to identify Masterson Station Park as an equestrian facility, to preserve its open beauty, and to enhance its facilities and grounds.

The Masterson Station Park board is excited about the impact MET continues to have in sustaining and enhancing the facilities at the park. LFUCG Parks & Recreation is a very supportive partner, and we anticipate and hope that the entire equestrian community, too, will join with us in our efforts. For those who enjoy coming to Masterson Station Park to ride casually to those who appreciate it as a venue for competitions, MET will continue to be the conduit for positive initiatives and policies that make a difference.

Masterson Equestrian Trust Foundation mission statement

Masterson Equestrian Trust Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation of Masterson Station Park for use by all equestrian enthusiasts and to the improvement and enhancement of facilities and services available to the equestrian public. MET acts as an advocate for all MSP equine enthusiasts, thus strengthening Lexington’s distinction as the Horse Capital of the World.