Annual Maintenance, Projects in Progress, Future Projects


Annually, MET supplies funds, materials and volunteers for routine maintenance of the equine facilities at the park.

Ongoing maintenance projects that need your support:


MET volunteer work day


MET Volunteer Work Day at Masterson Station Park, where willing volunteers and MET board members tackle such things as weeding, clearing brush, painting fences and gates, trimming trees, clearing away deadfall and sweeping public areas, weed eating, trim mowing and footing replacement, which result in a tidy and neat facility for all who come to enjoy the park.

MET works to maintain, refurbish and, when necessary, rebuild the fences on the outside Hunter Course so they remain usable and safe for all. The outside Hunter Course has been one of the most used areas of the park.

MET funds and schedules the routine maintenance of the Dressage Rings, Hunter Ring and all the judges boxes. This maintenance includes dragging all surfaces during the summer months to improve footing and reduce weed encroachment.

MET supports additional weed eating and mowing for the Cross-Country jumps, which allows them to remain safe and accessible year-round.

MET works diligently to locate and fill in abandoned groundhog holes, an ongoing maintenance project that has improved the safety of the footing on the training/prelim course.

Outside hunter course fence rebuild and weed eating of cross-country course.

Outside hunter course fence rebuild and weed eating of cross-country course.

Beyond specific projects, MET’s volunteer board members interact with government officials to voice the concerns and needs of the equine community. By partnering with the city of Lexington and other organizations, MET works to ensure that Masterson Station Park remains a viable equine facility. None of this can be accomplished without your support and donations!

New projects in progress

MET is in the process of purchasing a dedicated storage building to house equine-related supplies and equipment.

Future projects in the planning stages

MET is planning the addition of a new warm up pad just outside if the Hunter Ring. We are working diligently with Parks and Recreation’s Planning and Design.