Equine Body Condition Score (BCS)

Area of Emphasis for Body Condition Scoring

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9 Extremely Fat

Bulging fat. Patchy fat appearing over ribs. Difficult to palpate ribs. Area behind shoulder is filled with fat. Obvious positive crease (gutter appearance) down back. Fat along inner buttocks may rub together. Flank filled in flush. Tailhead appears sunken due to fat deposits along either side.

8 Fat

Fat deposited at withers, area behind shoulders, and along either side of tailhead. Thickened and somewhat cresty neck. Difficult to feel ribs. Positive crease (gutter appearance) down back. Flank is nearly filled flush. Fat deposited along inner buttocks. Fat around tailhead feels spongy.

7 Fleshy

Fat deposited along neck, withers, area behind shoulder and on either side of tailhead. Neck may begin to become cresty. Individual ribs can be felt with pressure, but noticeable filling between ribs. Fat is beginning to fill in the flank. Back has positive crease (gutter appearance).

6 Moderately Fleshy

Fat beginning to be deposited. Fat over ribs feels spongy. Ribs are not visible, but can be felt with slight pressure. Slight positive crease (gutter appearance) may appear down backbone. Shoulder blends smoothly into body. Withers rounded. Fat beginning to be deposited around tailhead.

5 Moderate

Ribs may be slightly visible and are easily felt. Backbone is level. Shoulder blends smoothly into body. Withers rounded. Hip and buttock rounded. Fat around tailhead beginning to feel spongy, and tailhead blends smoothly with rump.

4 Moderately Thin

Faint outline of ribs with some fat filling between ribs. Negative crease along back (backbone sticks up). Neck, shoulder and withers slightly thin. Point of hip still discernable. Point of buttock rounded and not distinguishable. Tailhead slightly prominent.

3 Thin

Slight fat cover over ribs. Ribs easily discernible. Neck, withers and shoulder accentuated. Hip is rounded with some filling, but easily discernible. Point of buttock slightly distinguishable. Tailhead prominent, but individual vertebrae cannot be visually identified.

2 Very Thin

Animal emaciated. Ribs prominent. Noticeable bone structure. Vertebrae prominent. Neck is obviously thin. Shoulder is noticeable. Ribs easily discernible. Points of hip and buttock prominent. Tailhead very prominent.

1 Poor

Animal extremely emaciated. No fatty tissue can be felt. Bone structure very noticeable. Ribs projecting prominently. Shoulder is sharp and protruding. Tailhead, point of hip and point of buttock projecting prominently.