Individual Donations

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  • Keeneland Pony Club
  • McGehee, Dede
  • Newton, Nancy
  • Riddle, Dr. Tom and Margaret
  • Sayre School
  • USPC MidSouth Region
  • Winegardner, Jane In Honor of Rita Mae Brown and 
 Ann Winegardner
  • Wiggs, Stanley


  • Blackey, Chet
  • Blandford Stud
  • Boone, Caroline H
  • Byrd Cain
  • Dodd III, Allen
  • Long, Debbie
  • Massa, Laurie
    In honor of Sparky
  • Mulhollem, Claire
  • O’Neil, Jr., Bill
  • Rood and Riddle
  • Sekhon, Miriam Amick In memory of Saber Singh and Mr. Bones
  • Stowe, Keith and Jill
  • Zeitlin, Hank and Marian


  • Aguilar, Diane 
In memory of Diane Hatton 
and Elektron
  • Alexander, Brooke
  • Bonnie, Cornelia
  • Bowels, Carmen Rader
  • Brock, Carolyn
  • Brown, Christine
  • Collier, Elizabeth
  • Conyers, Edith In honor of Pat Lloyd
  • Corey, Tracey In honor of Helmut Graetz
  • deBarbadillo, Marianne
  • DeBolt, Kandace
  • Duignan, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel
  • Emberton, Claire In honor of Virinka
  • Fishback Jr.,Wm.
  • Garkovich, Lori In memory of Martha Jane McCulley
  • Garrett, Mary Lynn In memory James Cuda
  • Gibala, Rocco and Elaine
  • Green, Curtis and Linda
  • Griffiths, Nancy
  • Grulke, Ginny
  • Hahn, Nina
  • Jackson, Steve and Debbie In memory of Matilda
  • Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry
  • Kimmel, Margaret and Tom In honor of Sally and Stanley
  • McClain, Cheryl
  • McLeod, Carol In memory of Geppetto
  • Miller, Judy
  • Mink, John and Jo In honor of Saber, beloved horse 
of Miriam
  • Moore, Carolyn
  • Penn, Eloise Griffith In honor of of all Equestrians
  • Plympton, Janet and David
  • Quinn, Dermot and Emma
  • Rodgerson, Gen
  • Ross, LeAnn In memory of Haskell
  • Schwartz, Paul
  • Scott, Tracy In memory of Scout
  • Simpson, Matt
  • Shook, Ernie
  • Spencer, Wendy
  • Spokes and Spurs
  • Sproat, Helen
  • Sweezey, Cathy
  • Thomas, Pat
  • Thompson, Morley
  • Turchina, Valerie and Lieschen
  • Venable, Ruth
  • Vogt, Rudy and Kellie
  • Watts, Ashley
  • Wiedemann, Holly In honor of Megan Moore
  • Wiggs, Stanley In memory of Christine Brown


  • Andres, Sarah
  • Brown, Jo In honor of Dorthy Curlin
  • Burns, Jane and Claire
  • Cook, Mindy
  • Crossen/Callahan
  • Goodman, Jack and Virginia
  • Graetz, Helmut In Memory of Andy Graetz
  • Hill, Carrie
  • Kleintop, Sarah
  • Kluemper, Tom and Kathy In Memory of Ali Kluemper
  • Kopp, Mary
  • Leesa Moorman In memory of Skipper
  • Leonard, David and Sharon
  • Mueller, Janice
  • Pascuzzi, Mark
  • Peyton, Nina
  • Preston, Virginia
  • Renfroe, Christyn
  • lovis, Nathan and Stacy
  • Wahlgren, Marian
  • Walden, Ben and Elaine
  • Winn, Karen In memory of Vernon Winn
  • Woerth, Sheila