2013 Contributors

Individual Donations


Keeneland Pony Club

McGehee, Dede

Newton, Nancy

Riddle, Dr. Tom and Margaret

Sayre School

USPC MidSouth Region

Winegardner, Jane

In Honor of Rita Mae Brown and 
 Ann Winegardner

Wiggs, Stanley


Blackey, Chet

Blandford Stud

Boone, Caroline H

Byrd Cain

Dodd III, Allen

Long, Debbie

Massa, Laurie

In honor of Sparky

Mulhollem, Claire

O’Neil, Jr., Bill

Rood and Riddle

Sekhon, Miriam Amick

In memory of Saber Singh and Mr. Bones

Stowe, Keith and Jill

Zeitlin, Hank and Marian


Aguilar, Diane

In memory of Diane Hatton 
and Elektron

Alexander, Brooke

Bonnie, Cornelia

Bowels, Carmen Rader

Brock, Carolyn

Brown, Christine

Collier, Elizabeth

Conyers, Edith

In honor of Pat Lloyd

Corey, Tracey

In honor of Helmut Graetz

deBarbadillo, Marianne

DeBolt, Kandace

Duignan, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel

Emberton, Claire

In honor of Virinka

Fishback Jr.,Wm.

Garkovich, Lori

In memory of Martha Jane McCulley

Garrett, Mary Lynn

In memory James Cuda

Gibala, Rocco and Elaine

Green, Curtis and Linda

Griffiths, Nancy

Grulke, Ginny

Hahn, Nina

Jackson, Steve and Debbie

In memory of Matilda

Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry

Kimmel, Margaret and Tom

In honor of Sally and Stanley

McClain, Cheryl

McLeod, Carol

In memory of Geppetto

Miller, Judy

Mink, John and Jo

In honor of Saber, beloved horse 
of Miriam

Moore, Carolyn

Penn, Eloise Griffith

In honor of of all Equestrians

Plympton, Janet and David

Quinn, Dermot and Emma

Rodgerson, Gen

Ross, LeAnn

In memory of Haskell

Schwartz, Paul

Scott, Tracy

In memory of Scout

Simpson, Matt

Shook, Ernie

Spencer, Wendy

Spokes and Spurs

Sproat, Helen

Sweezey, Cathy

Thomas, Pat

Thompson, Morley

Turchina, Valerie and Lieschen

Venable, Ruth

Vogt, Rudy and Kellie

Watts, Ashley

Wiedemann, Holly

In honor of Megan Moore

Wiggs, Stanley

In memory of Christine Brown


Andres, Sarah

Brown, Jo

In honor of Dorthy Curlin

Burns, Jane and Claire

Cook, Mindy


Goodman, Jack and Virginia

Graetz, Helmut

In Memory of Andy Graetz

Hill, Carrie

Kleintop, Sarah

Kluemper, Tom and Kathy

In Memory of Ali Kluemper

Kopp, Mary

Leesa Moorman

In memory of Skipper

Leonard, David and Sharon

Mueller, Janice

Pascuzzi, Mark

Peyton, Nina

Preston, Virginia

Renfroe, Christyn

lovis, Nathan and Stacy

Wahlgren, Marian

Walden, Ben and Elaine

Winn, Karen

In memory of Vernon Winn

Woerth, Sheila