Past Projects

One of Masterson Equestrian Trust Foundation’s goals is to work in partnership with Parks and Recreation to help improve the equine facilities at the park.

Past projects that have enhanced the facilities at Masterson Station Park:

Judges stand

Judges stand

Renovation of the Indoor Arena: MET worked with Parks and Recreation to facilitate repairs to the roof and ceiling to bring in more light; provided installation of new kickboards; replaced old footing with a river sand and sodium sulfate mix to control the dust. (Special thanks to the city of Lexington)

Refurbishment of the Judges Boxes: MET worked with Parks and Recreation to rebuild the judges box at the Hunter Ring to create a more usable facility. MET provides annual maintenance to the building, including painting. (Special thanks to the city of Lexington.)

Improvements to the Dressage Complex: With the generous help of Spring Bay Horse Trials, two new sand Dressage pads were constructed to accommodate the growing number of park users, adding more competition space to the Dressage shows held at MSP; a gravel drive was developed to improve access to the Dressage Complex and thus reducing the traffic on the grass field.


New sand Dressage pads

(Special thanks to Spring Bay Horse Trials and the city of Lexington.)

Enhancements to the park entrance at Spurr Road: The installation of an attractive stone pillar entranceway welcomes all park users. The signage and landscaping make for a very attractive introduction to the park. (Special thanks to the city of Lexington.)

MET served as a conduit for the donation of a TR3 surface conditioner to facilitate routine maintenance of the footing in the Dressage Rings and the Hunter Rings.

In some instances MET acquired permission from Parks and Recreation to invest in much-needed improvements to the equine facilities.

Your generously donated dollars have made the following possible:


Notice board

Installation of a sound system for the main Hunter Ring.

Creation of new schooling ditches on the Cross-Country course.

Repair and replacement of the perimeter fence around the two permanent Dressage Rings.

Purchase and placement of a notice board, which MET regularly updates with happenings at the park. This notice board is located adjacent to the main parking lot at the Hunter Complex.

The rebuilding and replacement of two of the major Cross-Country obstacles, the Novice Water Jump and the Training/Preliminary Bank Jump. The result is that these two key obstacles are now safe and available to the riders looking to school cross-country.

The purchase of show jumps that are available for use by event organizers using Masterson Station Park. In 2012, MET introduced a sponsorship opportunity by adding many new brightly painted poles to the inventory. These new poles were painted in the colors of the sponsors’ choice and add a splash of color to the courses.


New show jumps

Beyond specific projects, MET’s volunteer board members have and will continue to interact with government officials to voice the concerns and needs of the equine community. None of this can be accomplished without your support and donations!