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The Scoop on Electrolytes and Hydration

The Scoop on Electrolytes and Hydration What are electrolytes? Imagine you are riding your horse on a hot summer day. If you do more than walk, you both begin to sweat. After a good workout your horse’s coat is soaked and in some places even frothy. As you remove your helmet, the sweat runs down […]

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Common Plants Poisonous to Horses

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Getting Ready for Horse Show Season

Spring weather means horse show season is right around the corner. Are you providing all the nutrients your horse needs to perform his best? What requirements change when your horse starts competing again after a break? This quick checklist will ensure you are providing the nutrients your horse needs to achieve peak performance. Natural Vitamin […]

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Choke in Horses – Causes and Solutions

Horses choke when a mass of partially chewed feed becomes lodged in their esophagus. In an effort to dislodge the offending mass, the horse coughs repeatedly and sometimes violently. If left untreated for too long, horses may aspirate fluid or particles into their lungs, causing pneumonia. You will hear all kinds of myths on what causes […]

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Feeding Horses – Energy Sources Matter

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Managing Colic Pain

Brought to you by our Corporate Sponsor, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute   Take some time to read THIS over!      

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Equine Body Condition Score (BCS)

Area of Emphasis for Body Condition Scoring Brought to you by our Corporate Sponsor, McCauley’s Bros For more information, questions or to schedule a consultation, contact Amy Parker at 859-873-3333! 9 Extremely Fat Bulging fat. Patchy fat appearing over ribs. Difficult to palpate ribs. Area behind shoulder is filled with fat. Obvious positive crease (gutter appearance) […]

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Fitness Training a Must for Event Horses

Now that the new year is upon us, most of us are either starting our winter competition season or contemplating our goals for 2019. Whether you are up north or have the luxury of spending your winter months down south, fitness is always a big thing to think about! Your horse’s fitness regimen should be […]

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